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What Conventions May Look Like in 2021

It’s been more than a year since I attended a live convention. Where do we stand now? As more and more people get vaccinated against COVID, the prospects of and for physical conventions improves. If all goes well the US should hit herd immunity this summer.

I’ve gotten a few emails from conventions looking for vendors to work their events. This is a godsend for many artists and vendors, but personally I’m not considering any live events yet. But I have been thinking about what it might be like in the first few months of “The Return.”

Unexpected Lesson of Spring

One of the first signs of spring in my neighborhood is when you hear motorcycles revving up and speeding down the street. But it’s not really spring until the flowers return. Like crocuses, the cyclists sometime beat the season to the punch. I love watching the flowers in my yard return every season and the wonderful scent of my neighbor’s lilacs when the wind is just right.

This year spring gave me unexpected inspiration.

Soapbox Moment

Yesterday was an election day, did you vote? I went to my polling place Monday on my lunch break because I had a doctor's appointment the next morning – I love early voting!

It's an odd-numbered year, so most issues and offices will be local. These elections don't get the kind of TV News attention that a Presidential election gets. In fact, my first clue was when yard signs started popping up like mushrooms in my neighborhood.

Who Will Miss 2018? Not Me!

And not just because of the madness that is our government right now. While a lot of good things happened, one major bad thing messed with me. Last summer I was all set for an actual non-working weekend vacation at an anime convention and planning for a couple of new shows in the fall. Then I came home to find the floor of my front porch sagging.

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