Minstrel Fair

In a time gone to dust so long ago that history never knew to record it, a vast and terrible spell was cast out of desperation, and magic vanished from the world. Only it never left. From A History of the Folk (unsanctioned)

We see magic all the time: The sleight-of-hand artists on street corners, stage magicians, performers at Rennaisance fairs. It's a moment of entertainment in our lives, there and gone except for nostalgic recall in later days.

It never occurs to us that what we've witnessed might be real.

Minstrel Fair logoWhat if the myths and fairy tales we grew up with hold more than a grain of truth? This is the world of Minstrel Fair, where magic has always shared this world with us often seen but never recognized.

Meet The Harper's Children - a troupe of players who make their living performing at medieval fairs across the country. Snow and Darke, the jugglers; Blaze, the dancer; Thanda, the fortuneteller; Lyric, the taleweaver; and Quillon, the harper. Some are human, some much more. They have always known of magic and lived in its realm at peace with its denizens and the status quo. But not everyone is satisfied with the way things are and they will soon be drawn into a conflict that could spill over into the human world with devastating results.

Minstrel Fair is written and drawn by Elaine C. Oldham. Its stories and characters © Elaine C. Oldham. All rights reserved.


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