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Why You Should Never Do This in the Artists Alley

I’ve heard stories of artists who have caught people flipping through their portfolios and taking photos without getting permission. It’s happened to me. These fans may think they are doing no harm but they’re wrong.

Imagine this scenario. A new position is being created at your workplace with a higher salary than you’re earning. You want to apply but it requires skills you don’t have. So you take night classes to gain those skills on your own dime. When applications open up, you submit your updated resumé.

The Uncounted Costs

Normally I keep my blogs supportive and inspiring, there's more than enough negativity in the world. But today I want to comment on something that is on everyone’s mind right now. Each of us in entitled to our opinions and this is not to try to change minds, but to bring awareness to consequences that aren’t being talked about.

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