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Shadow Dance promo imageNOW AVAILABLE: HORROR SHORT STORY | Shadow Dance - A Dark Telling — Billions of creatures share our world with us. Why don’t we see more evidence of their passing than the occasional road kill? In this horror short, a psychiatrist learns that insanity... isn't, and ignorance is better than knowing too much about what moves in the shadows.

Great or small, wise or strong, noteworthy or insignificant, everything that lives eventually dies. And if you’re lucky, you’ll never meet the ones that deal with the aftermath.

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Tale of Winter cover imageFANTASY SHORT STORY | A Tale of Winter — Human children have drifted to sleep to the tales of fairies for as long as stories have been told. The children of magical beings are no different. This illustrated tale is the favorite of one particularly special fairy child.

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I also have two books in The Low Sodium Lifestyle series (learn more on the Facebook page).

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Vamping drawing (c) Elaine C. OldhamART SHOWCASE - Vamping | I had a little fun with this one. It springs from the thought "If vampires can't be seen in mirrors, how can they put on makeup or shave?". My theory is that they can see themselves, but humans can't. So in this perspective we peer over the lady of the night's shoulder while she pretties herself up unable to see what she does. Mini, standard, and poster sizes available in my store.


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PLAYSCALE NEWS | Sample Blanket ThrowsStore Spotlight | Fringed Flannel Blanket Throws: Five patterns available in limited quantities. You'll find dioramas, collectibles, hand-made miniatures, and more in my eBay store. See Playscale Emporium for details and a free offer.

Where in the World is...? | UPDATE: I did really well at both Dark History and Horror in Champaign and Chicon 8 in Chicago! Visit my Facebook page for photos from each. My next show will be via mail-in to SpoCon in Spokane, Washington. More events coming, check my Events calendar for show links and updates. As always, keep staying safe until we meet again in the new normal world!

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October Thought of the Month

"Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else."

~ Judy Garland

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