July 2023

July Thought of the Month

"God gave us all wings, it's up to us to choose to fly."

~ Unknown

Flying is one of the most common dreams people have. Interpreters say it symbolizes freedom and power, or the desire to escape the things troubling us in our waking lives. From childhood we watched birds winging their way through the skies above us, maybe even wishing we could join them.

We may not have physical wings, but we instinctively seek other ways to soar on our own. This won't just happen on its own. We must cultivate knowledge, skills, talent, and more and use them to achieve what we desire in life.

We must choose to take that path, it will not be an easy journey. So much in life can work against our efforts to achieve success. The unsupportive opinions of people who ought to have our backs, the direct or subtle sabotage of others out of envy, resentment, fear, or worse, our own self doubts, and just plain old bad luck.

Don't allow the negative influences in your life to sway you from the path you've chosen. When a bird's wings get coated in mud, it will find a puddle or other body of water and wash it off so they can fly again. The barriers you will face accomplishing your goals are like that mud. Shed them by whatever means you can and move passed them. Always remember that you are meant to fly. Do not let others keep you from flying as you were born to.

Author's Note: I have a habit of writing down good quotes that I hear or see and putting them aside for later. I recently found this one going through old papers. Sadly I didn't write down the source and found none in a web search. If you recognize it, let me know and I'll update this post. Thanks!


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