February 2024

DIY Project: Candle and Stand

Have you heard of the product Airborne? It’s basically a tablet you drop in water and drink once it has dissolved as an extra boost to your immune system when traveling. I’ve used it or a generic version for years. On a recent trip, I used up a tube and was about to toss it when I gave the lid a second look and saw ... a candle!

The plastic coil that cushioned the tablets makes a decorative cage and can be painted (see photo 3 below). The core looks like a white column candle. All that's missing is the flame.

February 2024

February Thought for the Month

"Drop the people who do not value you, respect you. Life has infinite horizons. Accept yourself, love yourself, and move forward."

~ Amit Ray

In February thoughts turn to Valentine's Day and celebrating the love and friendship we have for the people in our lives. I'd like to encourage everyone to give themselves a little love too.