Kitchen Little Remodel - No Painting!

Kitchen Little Remodel - No Painting!

My playscale kitchen has been a pink and white color scheme for ages. When I decided to redecorate, I considered removing the Kitchen Little Deluxe Kitchen Center. But I couldn't find any playsets with drawers and cabinets. Check out what I did to remodel it without changing anything permanently, some steps might work for your other remodel projects.

Kitchen Little Makeover 01
Before: The Center with it's original look.

I didn't have any issues with the actual backsplash but I wanted a pattern to match other parts of the kitchen. I eventually found a thick metallic silver paper that kind of looked like tile. I cut it to fit, no tape necessary. It looks good, but I can't take flash photos because it's too reflective. I'll keep an eye out in case I come across a good replacement.

Kitchen Little Makeover 02
Metallic scrapbooking paper inserted as the backsplash.

The countertop proved to be the most complicated part of the remodel. I found a stone look shelf liner for it, created a paper template to fit, and used it to cut out the new surface. To get it to fold and stay over the edges of the surface, I ended up glueing the shelfliner to a cardstock shell that fit over the top.

Kitchen Little Makeover 03
From pink to "granite" countertop.

Rather than paint parts of the Center, I cut heavy black texured cardstock to fit and used a hole punch to allow them to fit over the knobs. Trimmed to fit, I needed no adhesives.

Kitchen Little Makeover 04
The Center with inserts in all of the recessed lower panels.

I decided to cover the floral stickers between the upper cabinets with white and black scrapbooking paper to match the new look.

Kitchen Little Makeover 05
The Center with inserts in all of the recessed lower panels.

Next came the pink drawer and cabinet pulls. I tried wrapping them with foil, very unsatisfactory. Then I looked at a wire shelf unit in my house. It has these rubber caps on the exposed ends that are nearly the perfect size. Most hardware and home improvement stores carry them. I bought several, trimmed them to fit, and pushed them on over the pink pulls.

Kitchen Little Makeover 06
Shelf end caps prepared as knob covers.
Kitchen Little Makeover 07  Kitchen Little Makeover 08
Newly covered cabinet and drawer pulls.

And here is my Kitchen Little Deluxe Kitchen Center's new look — no painting involved and easy to revert to the original look if I change my mind.

Kitchen Little Makeover 09
After: The Center with it's new look.
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